Mount Abu

Royal Wedding

Mock Marriage

"Marriage are made in heaven", But you can experience an Indian Marriage in all its authenticity at  Maya Lawn, a  splash garden for the royal wedding .Maya Lawn is having capacity to entertain approx 3000 persons. Suryavanshi banquet hall is attached with this garden to cater 400 persons.

Pool side venue. The experience has all the elements that go on to make a complete marriage. It has mehfil banquet hall to cater 200 persons & Poolside to cater 500 persons.

There is a certain magic about traveling through Rajasthan which is unequalled by any other place in the world. It is a land of superlatives ...... everything here is breathtakingly beautiful, impressive and fascinating.

The group is divided into two parts. one that represent the bride`s family and the other that represent the groom `s family. The essence of the evening is in two parts:

At the venue there will be welcome girls who will be waiting to receive the group with showers of rose petals and the traditional Aarti and Tikka ceremony. The guests will also be received by the bride`s designated parents who will gesture a Namaste to the guests. The groom will alight from the horse and will be garland here. At this time the shehnai will be playing .This is considered an auspicious sound especially for marriages.
The groom will be walked to the stage where the bride will be present from before. He will take the seat there alongside the bride. There will be a traditional ceremony of exchanging of garlands called "jaimala".

Post this the guest can proceed for the wedding ceremony .This will be on an elevated stage which will be illuminated . Here the couple will be married by priest amidst the chanting of the holy verses.

The rest of the guest will be seated around the stage and will be in full view of the stage.

After the ceremony the guest will proceed for cocktails and dinner. There will be buffet counters that will be setup on the periphery of the venue near the dinner area. The menu will including a combination of Indian as well as continental items. There will also be food that will be made at site. There will be dining tables that will be arranged. Wine can be served on table as per the requirement of the group.

After the ceremony there will be satirist who will play live Instrumental music for the guests. This can also be substituted with recorded Instrumental music.

And thus will ensure another "happy beginning"!

Wedding Functions at Maya Lawn

Rajasthani folk performances like

Following will be hired for the Entertainment

Wedding Ceremony will start in the evening and the following arrangements will be done before the function.